Marketing Solutions

Identicom offers brand development and integrated marketing services. We develop customized, strategic approaches that look beyond traditional marketing solutions, identifying greater opportunities for companies to strengthen relationships with their customers.

> Market Research

Our flexible and customized approach involves securing a range of partners to create the most effective research study. From qualitative to quantitative, our customized research programs provide valuable insight into your competitive marketplace. Our Market Research Services include Focus groups, Individual interviews (telephone and online), and Surveys (telephone, intercept, and online).

> Marketing Strategy

Identicom examines tangible aspects such as the company name, brand names, product lines, power statements, logos, graphic elements and marketing communications both on and offline. We assess the competitive positioning, the key attributes and primary benefits that are offered by evaluating the company both internally and externally. We then work with each client to develop a distinctive and attractive corporate personality that is clear and consistent.

> Marketing Communications

Building a brand strategy with a tangible image and personality that connects with the marketplace requires precise execution. A clear message must be delivered from a product's packaging right through to sales support materials. Every client expects an agency to think outside of the box. At Identicom, we think outside the box however we don't stop there. Sometimes a great idea means redefining the box altogether.

> Advertising

Identicom can serve as a traditional consumer advertising agency, providing print, television, radio and outdoor programs which are integrated with your existing marketing efforts. However, if your goal is to develop your online presence we can serve as your interactive advertising agency, developing banner ads and effective pay-per-click programs to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.


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